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Default Re: Things you noticed after multiple viewings on DVD / BluRay.

Originally Posted by jacobed View Post
These things happen all the time in movies where guns are involved
I watch a lot of film but this is the first time ive ever seen a handgun not blowback in a major action motion picture. Machine guns Im forgiving of because they dont have slides that stand out. As long as the machine gun has recoil Ill roll with it. But with a handgun in a closeup on IMAX it is very different. If there is a bang and the hammer is shown falling the slide has to come back and a casing eject otherwise it might as well be a laser gun. Guns dont operate if the slide doesnt move. Its easy to get right and on an IMAX screen it would be painfully obvious and yank me right out of the film.

And considering it is an important object in the CIA douches scare tactics, is in the near center of the frame, up close, and they inserted a sound effect of the gun firing they had to see that it didnt look good but didnt do anything about it. That's lazy.

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