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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
This is where we differ. I cannot imagine a complete Batman story without the Joker being in there somewhere. It's like Jonah Nolan and his insistence to put Catwoman into TDKR, as he felt he could not imagine Batman's story without the most important female in Batman's world.
Or Jonathan Nolan insisted on Catwoman solely because Selina Kyle could play a very important role in Bruce Wayne moving on, and she did help in TDKR.

Plus, needless to say I'm open to the idea of Joker being mentioned, sure, but I also think if we had another trilogy, we could see villains such as Riddler, Hugo Strange, Penguin, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, maybe even someone like Clayface or Man-Bat even.

I never said the Joker, I said The Dark Knight. The movie itself really launched Nolan into fame, and it made audiences and comic book fans wet themselves.

Some people who saw it had never even seen Begins and still loved it. The fact that TDKR was a sequel to one of the most popular and successful movies of all time was enough of an attraction and publicity for it.
And you also said the character himself(Joker) was a cash cow, when it was easily Nolan's reputation of The Dark Knight and even Inception that got more people involved into Nolan's filmmaking career, ala TDKR making the money it did.

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