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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
about Rogue and Iceman with uniforms at the end of X2, it could be seem forced, but at the same time, I think Charles realized at some point that he really needs a bigger team, and Rogue and Bobby were some of the older students, so it was kind of a logical move by Charles.

Colossus could have been there perfectly too, but I guess Bryan didnt want to put many characters as x-men on that scene.

would have been pretty epic, tho.
Remember though that the team went directly from Alkali Lake to the White House (Xavier's line to Scott: "We've got to get to Washington. I fear this has gone beyond Alkali Lake.") So Colossus couldn't have been on that White House scene as he was not part of the crew at Alkali Lake. It could be argued that if Bryan had wanted to he could've included Colossus in the Alkali Lake scene thus effectively promoting Colossus as an official member for that White House scene.

However I think the X-kids: Rogue, Bobby and John in X2 had the perfect dynamic, just the three of them as seen in the museum, X-mansion raid, Bobby's house attack, etc scenes. Oh man this makes me nostalgic for X2!

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