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Default Re: Oh Jesus, here comes an Andrea thread...

Originally Posted by Elevator Man View Post
Yeah she always seem to give Rick an attitude. Like in the episode "Better Angels" when Rick asked her to watch Shane, while he and Daryl go out to cut Randall loose. She questioned Rick on why it should be her? Both Rick and Herschel give their reasons why. Then she goes "then maybe you should stop leaving". So Rick asks her again, b/c she didn't really give him an answer. As she's walking away from Rick and Herschel she responds "Yes!" as if she's annoyed by Rick. Like I said before I never hated Andrea, but her attitude towards Rick kind of bothers me at times. I mean show some respect to the guy who's keeping you and the rest of the group safe. And I don't mean getting into his pants either.
That I'll agree with. She always seemed to disregard Rick as a leader. I genuinely hope he gets to smack her down to size eventually, especially if he kicks things off with "Yeah, I killed Shane. Stabbed him in the heart. Is there a problem?"

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