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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by kloker View Post
I have to say that the art for "Detective" was very awful and it annoyed me alot! Plus, this "episode" felt like a Superman book for the most part (beginning was great), not a Smallville episode. A Superman and Batman armor for the last part? C'mon!

Anyway, I really loved how Batman was introduced to the Smallville universe.
I don't know I agree with the Superman feel(same feel Smallville had in the last few seasons and more important now that Clark is Superman) but I disagree with it not having the Smallville feel.
This comic arc, like I said in a previous thread, to me has all the elements and beats the previous Hero of the week episodes Smallville did(Run, Aqua, Cyborg, Arrow, Siren, Hex, Idol, Absolute Justice, Booster are main episodes I had in mind) as well as the feel of the usual Batman/Superman first meeting(STAS 3 part "World's Finest" movie, The Batman Season 5 2 part premiere episode"The Batman/Superman story", Geoff Johns/Jim Lee New 52. Justice League#2, The Batman Strikes#44, Frank Miller's Dark Knight Return and All Star Batman and Robin, John Byrne Man of Steel#3 as well as a few scenes from Batman Begins, Tim Burton 89 Batman, etc with a more unique "SMALLVILLE" feel/spin on things) with only few minor differences:

1.) Clark is finally Superman/accepted his destiny so it's a bit more public than Smallville comics usually are

2.) This is a comic instead of TV Show(however I honestly can hear them say each line in the comic.) However some things (Batmobile, Batboat, Batwing) has a little more have a big budget film than what the later seasons could have provided(however I feel everything before season 6 could do most if not all of these scenes if not a big budget movie/TV movie or 4 part cartoon episode with the Smallville actors.)

it feels like a Smallville episode with a bigger budget /more comic Booky feel(compared to few episodes post season 8) than a Batman episode guest starring the Season 11 Smallville cast to me.

Personally is a breath of relief from how Batman and Superman usually first team up(Lex Luthor hires the Joker or some Gotham supervillians to take down Superman and Batman intervenes as seen in STAS 3 part "World's Finest" episode and The Batman 2 part season 5 premiere "The Batman/Superman story")

It may be a Smallville/Batman team up episode/comic arc but it does in a way similar to how many of the Smallville heroes premiere episodes(Aqua, Cyborg, Run, Zatanna, Arrow, etc) in that:

1.) It talks/shows a little of the hero's origin (Batman:Hitman murdered parents and he wants vengeance and justice, Bart Allen in Run: accident with flash of light drives body into overload, Arthur Curry in Aqua: Atlantean mother has powers, Black Canary:family of cops, etc)

2.) Give the hero a connection to the Smallville universe be it Lex Luthor and LuthorCorp/LexCorp(Victor Stone turned into Cyborg thanks to LuthorCorp, Thomas Wayne refused to work with Veritas and Bruce wanted to have a business meeting with Lex, Oliver's parents were killed by Lionel and Oliver and Lex were schoolmates, Bart Allen stole from Lex,Zatanna:Lex bought John Zatara's spell book, Aquaman wanted to stop Lex Luthor's machine which was harming fish life) or any other connection

3.) Heroes have a reason to be there(Ollie to learn more about what Lex Knew about Dark Thursday attacks and later tried to convince Clark to be a more proactive hero, Aquaman to stop Lex from harming the ocean, Black Canary working with Lex to stop the JL, Batman to find his parent's killer in Metropolis and do a business meeting with Lex)

4.) Clark team up and ,except for Martian Manhunter, usually fights with hero of the episode before finding Common ground(only difference is that's usually how Batman and Superman meets since the 1980s)

5.) Clark and the hero teaches each other something new about each other

6.) The hero leaves(post season 7 with Black Canary usually joining or thinking about joining the JL) all friends with most of the Smallville cast( except the Luthors, especially Lex) and leaving an ending where they could return and they usually do
and it also had elements from the usual Batman/Superman team ups without the usual (Lex Luthor hires the Joker or some Gotham supervillains to take down Superman and Batman intervenes as seen in STAS 3 part "World's Finest" episode and The Batman 2 part season 5 premiere "The Batman/Superman story"):

A. Batman has a reason coming to Metropolis(Joker, Darkseid) or Superman has a reason coming to Gotham(arrest Batman-Man of Steel#3, see if Batman was a super powered being or even real, etc) and one or the other usually has more experience in the superhero/vigilante buisness(usual Batman)

B. Superman and Batman fight and later are more or less forced to team up

C. During their enemies/allies phase they each somehow find out about each other secret identities

D. Batman and Superman run into one of Superman and/or Batman's enemy and they are forced to put their differences aside and work together for the moment

E. Batman and Superman find little if any common ground and they take down the villain.

F. Superman and Batman leave on fairly good terms and they agree to team up with each other if needed

And so far it seems it's following most of the Smallville Hero of the week formula(except for meeting up at the Watchtower or Clark's loft) because Clark is still being tracked by Lex and this is more of an urban/Metropolis adventure(only difference is doing a comic book means not having a small budget like Smallville did so it means more wild action scenes) otherwise it feels like a normal Smallville hero of the week episode only combined with the normal Superman/Batman first team up episode/issue.

Personally after reading #5-8 again back to back I think this is near perfect because:

A.) It expands/give more information about Smallville Intergang, reveals what happened to Bruno Mannheim after "Stiletto" and gives them the connection to Darkseid/Apokolips like they have in most medium(comics, DCAU/STAS, etc) as well as Toyman, Batman and his role in the Smallville, etc and it's able to be a superman/batman story and keep a certain Smallville feel to it

B.) It does things like show the boxing glove arrow, and they got each character pretty much right from Clark to Lois to Batman to even Toyman, Prankster, and Mr.Freeze(combine elements from criminal/Hitman Mr.Freeze and add an element of sympathetic Mr.Freeze with Nora mention.)

C.) Even though the art is hard to look out at times and was better in the beginning but at the end it was kind of lacking and the characters looked older than they should but despite that the characters felt exactly how I know the Smallville characters would behave on the TV show.

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