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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

You're kind of dancing around the anti-white issue, talking about having a black perspective, or simply excluding white people, or making Panther cool, or the fact that some black people were bad too. I'm talking about in Hudlin's Panther white people were exclusively evil and white culture was entirely bad, so much so that withholding the cure for cancer (I think you're right) was a good thing. That level of villification doesn't have any comparison in modern media, or any justification other than being anti-white.

Now keep in mind, I enjoyed every single second of it (Hudlin's BP) to the nth degree. But if my white friends don't, I'm not surprised, nor would I accuse them of not liking strong black characters, especially because I know how much they love Will Smith movies and were interested in BP in the first place. The book is clearly anti-white. It's not for them, and it restates that repeatedly.

On Marvel's motivations, film execs know that less than 60% of the ticket buying audience is white. They're not just trying to get white people, or else they'll fail. Imagining they have some sort of controlling racial bias is just that, imagination. They're looking at how to make Wakanda work for people who don't have a, as you say, black power fantasy. That's a legitimate challenge.

You do bring up a good point about BP not really having any Marvel flaws, but that doesn't change that that aspect of his character is a legitimate turn off to some.

Racism happens, no doubt, certainly in Hollywood. I just don't think it happens to BP as often as some claim.

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