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Default Days of Future Past VFX Thread

Seems work on the VFX is in the early stages:

Earlier this year, Bleeding Cool reported that the FX houses of London’s West End must have started working on an Ant Man project, as they started piling into Soho’s Gosh Comics looking for reference, and dropping a few hints in the process.

Well, the same thing has started happening with X-Men: Days Of Future Past, the classic Claremont/Byrne/Austin story that’s forming the backbone to the sequel to X-Men: First Class, and the shop can’t keep it in stock.

So, looks like that’s well along then.

It'll be a while before we see any VFX work so we can use this thread to discuss the special effects, how powers should look/be improved upon, the sentinels, and the aesthetics of the apocalyptic future.

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