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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by Raoul Duke View Post
i disgree. for me thor was more relatable than any of the other avengers, including clint and natasha.

it's nothing to do with powers. just ignore all that. the key is what makes these superhumans "human". and thors plight, his struggles with his beloved brother who is causing so much pain, is much more compelling and "human" than any of the other characters. anyone with a sibling can relate to that. it's like your younger brother gets into a fight, do you back him up even though you know he started it? or do you turn against him?

when people look at these characters, these superheroes, and all they see are their amazing powers? they're doing it wrong. that isn't the point of marvel superheroes.
What an incredibly off-the-mark observation. Superpowers are exactly the point of Marvel superheroes. And the genre in general.

Yes, I get what you're saying about personality being the thing that makes the character relatable, and it's absolutely true that Stan and Company made that their trademark --- hell, even Silver Surfer is relatable to any reader in terms of his personality ("everybody in the universe hates me because I'm so much better than they are; and hey, my boss really sucks").

Bux Xeno is right on the money when she says that it's Clint and Tasha's "mundane" humanity that makes them superheroes....that they're "muggles" who dare to mingle with gods and monsters. Giving either of them true superpowers would be a great disservice to who they are.


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