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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

i'm not suggesting giving them superpowers. that would be stupid.

but i still stand by my point that the whole point of marvels superheroes, is what they are if you strip away their superpowers. they are for the most part, people with real human characteristics and problems and lives. that is what the main appeal should be with these characters, not the superpowers, but the idea that these are real people who just so happen to have superpowers. that's how i've always thought about marvels characters. less so dc, who are for the most part less human and relatable and more mythic and symbolic.

so clint and natasha may have been regular humans fighting with these gods and super soldiers and gamma monsters. but at the end of the day, like i said, thor's plight with his brother is more human and universally relatable than natasha's plight of trying to make up for her "red ledger". how many of us have killed people before and are trying to redeem ourselves, you know what i mean?

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