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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I didn't think you were attacking me. We just saw it differently.

What I meant is that the cover of the screenplay and that quotation is a factual thing from Singer himself, whereas the Hollywood Reporter (and the sites reporting/twisting what it is reporting) is far more speculative and insubstantial.

I mean, the fact that Joss Whedon handed in his Avengers 2 treatment made major news on some sites today. Uh, yeah, okay, so he handed it in. Yippee! Do I buy fireworks for that celebration?!

I saw the screenplay cover and quote to be indicative of some intelligence in the story and perhaps suggesting the tone or even the theme. Even that somehow seems more solid than this other stuff flying round the net.
I'm not sure why the Avengers 2 treatment made news either; but then Avengers was such a huge deal that I think just about any news about it, "Avengers 2 hires Joe's Fine Dining to cater the production" will get reported.

But the difference with the photo, and say, casting rumors, is that it's only interesting to geeks who feel like speculating. As a geek myself even *I* am not moved by the photo. Yeah that's great, an interesting quote... now how about a solid plot outline? I'm tired of speculating. The only surefire things we know about the movie so far is that it has robots, time travel, will be shot at least partially in Montreal, and is called Days of Future Past. Even Sir Ian and Sir Patrick, while highly likely, aren't an 100% sure thing. We don't even know if Banshee and Havok will be back or what eras the past and future take place in. Or who the time traveler is, or if there even is one. I'm just so tired of speculating and would love some confirmed answers rather than Singer taking to his twitter and announcing things willy-nilly that aren't necessarily going to happen. Filming begins in less than 4 months, I feel like we should know more about this movie than we do.

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