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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Bane Cook View Post

1. Prologue Bane voice. I hated it. In my opinion they could have left the old one but just taken off the watery effect. They stated they had a whole bunch of effects on it at first. But I think they should have left the same delivery and volume balance. The final version sounded like he was speaking through a megaphone and was less sinister/cold. Especially hate how they added in the, "YesSsSs! The fire riIIIIses!"
I thought it was funny when the CIA guy asks him if getting caught was his plan, and he responds with "of courssssssshhhh".

"Eh ohs, oh ehs, nobody knows how angry we's orphans get and stuff. We feel it in our bones!"

"Eh ohs, I put on a smiley face mask and stuff. That ways, I can see faces"

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