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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
So you didn't think to complete Batman's tale, Catwoman had to be there to get him to move on which is what Selina Kyle helped with in TDKR? She's a fantastic love interest as well and that is why she was needed to complete Batman's tale for the Nolans.
Anno, stop trying to speak on behalf of the Nolans. This is the second time you've tried that. You can't change a fact just by saying what you want to believe. You just read his own words right there. He said he could not imagine a take on the Batman mythos without Catwoman in it. Leaving her out would be sacrilegious. His words.

Simple as that.

It's the same as me saying I cannot imagine a take on the Batman mythology without the Joker because he is Batman's greatest villain.

No one is denying this either, but the movie themselves help if they're still good enough or if the director wins the audience over as Christopher Nolan has.
There is hundreds of examples of great movies that never got their due at the box office, Anno. Same as how there's lots of movies that were bad and did too well at the box office.

It's not a rule of thumb that success equals quality. However it's no coincidence that the two live action Batman movies featuring the Joker were huge landmark events of their time. They were game changers for the superhero genre.

But still, is is the film itself, not just Joker being the villain. As I've already said. But, nevertheless, Inception DID help The Dark Knight Rises, mostly in letting Nolan widen the scope and scale of things as he did with Inception.
I never said it was just Joker being villain. In fact I specified that to you already here in a previous post above; "I never said the Joker, I said The Dark Knight. The movie itself really launched Nolan into fame, and it made audiences and comic book fans wet themselves.

Some people who saw it had never even seen Begins and still loved it. The fact that TDKR was a sequel to one of the most popular and successful movies of all time was enough of an attraction and publicity for it."

Given the facts that the first movie Nolan made after TDK sky rocketed to 825 mil, in comparison to all the movies he did prior to TDK looked like this financially;

- Memento; $39,723,096
- Insomnia; $113,714,830
- Batman Begins; $374,218,673
- The Prestige; $109,676,311

The writing is on the wall, Anno.

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