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Default Re: Days of Future Past VFX Thread

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Early reports say this film had a 175 Million budget.It may go up.

As a die hard long time star Trek film the teaser looks more like a Star Wars/Transformers/Dark Knight hybrid than a Star Trek film.That has always been my concern for J.J. Abrams
on Star Trek.Hopefully the writers did their best to bring some of Star Trek to film.

Getting X-Men VS Sentinle action will be worth the price of admission alone for DOFP.
I just hope the box-office performance of this movie will be really good. If FOX gave this movie a $200 million budget and it only gets $150 million at domestic box-office and less than $400 million at worldwide box-office, I think FOX would be really disappointed by that and they wouldn't make a new X-Men movie for a while.

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