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Default Re: Days of Future Past VFX Thread

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Maybe its time to convert this movie to 3D. I know 3D sucks but outside of U.S.A, 3D helps the movie to earn more money, it really inflates the worldwide box-office numbers.
I think so. It's no use studios resisting the trends; they have to stay current.

I mean, look at The Hobbit - it is being screened in two different frame rates as well as IMAX and 3D. And it's a guaranteed hit without all those other formats.

People will more easily fork out the cash for a big evening out at their nearest cinema if there is some kind of 'event' movie on, something special. For those that just want the standard 'no-frills' movie, that is still available too.

If a movie is a big spectacle, then moviegoers are more likely to see it at a giant screen showing digital films (or IMAX, provided it was done in IMAX). I know people who saw Skyfall once at their nearest cinema and then went back to see it at an IMAX cinema, and also people who saw Avengers on a normal screen and then went to see it on a massive screen just to get the maximum spectacle.

Fox can no longer hold back on these blockbuster films.

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