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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - Part 142

Originally Posted by randyf View Post
[If addressed earlier, please kindly point me to the relevant Parts]

I've had this question in mind and awaited the BR release to see if there is an answer. I didn't see one so . . .

How is Bruce Wayne's death -- not Batman's -- supposed to be explained publicly? There is a public reading of his will, his estate is broken up, but how is Bruce -- again not Bats -- supposed to have perished?

The last time Bruce -- again not Bats -- is "seen" in the film is when he is "captured" in the tunnels. From there he dons the Batman persona and Bruce disappears from the remainder of the movie.

Unlike how the ruse of Bruce Wayne's "disfigurement" and recluse existence is created at the outset of the film, I'm coming to the conclusion that Bruce's absence from the last 30 minutes of the film (except for the Florence scene) to be a major plot hole?
Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
"Sorry to spoil things boys, but Bane wants these guys to himself."

Doesn't that pretty much explain it all? Bane killed Bruce, and Lucius miraculously managed to escape. Lucius could probably even come up with a good sob story about Bruce sacrificing himself so Lucius could live. True, the henchmen that Catwoman takes out could have testified that she attacked them, but for all they knew, Catwoman just wanted to take all the credit. Point is, they certainly can't ask Bane what happened to Bruce Wayne because he be dead.
That works Anita18, but I still think the demise of such a major figure in the Gotham community is . . . well . . . too major to go without some reference. If only the inclusion of a "Wayne billionaire among found among victims" news crawl as part of the video montage while Gordon is reading last rights.

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