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Default Re: Should I get a Nintendo Wii or WiiU

Originally Posted by Dangerman View Post
I am thinking or getting my girls (ages 4 & 5) either a Wii or WiiU for Christmas. I am having a hard time trying to figure out which one I should buy. What do you guys recommend? I was already thinking about getting the WiiU when the price drops in the spring or summer and just getting a Wii for Christmas for $60 w/2 controllers but I don't know yet. All the reviews for the Wii U comes off poor.
Just a heads up, the price probably won't drop for WiiU until it's second or third year. It really depends on it's sales and demand, and that's looking to already be fairly strong. I wouldn't hold out for a price drop.

If money is a factor, I'd get the Wii for the price point, but considering that Wii U is backwards compatible, I'd drop money on that.

Either purchase will be good, and getting a Wii is not a bad choice due to it's excellent library.

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