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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by itchyscratch View Post
I'm guessing Jane will get bored pretty quickly with swanning around in an Asgardian toga. I could see her choosing her career back on earth over a wifey role by Thor's side.
Re: swanning around--ha! Yeah, I've long felt that the most likely way for Jane to stop being Thor's love interest is if Jane decides it's not going to work for one reason or another.

Now, (as I mentioned in some other thread or another, forget which one) it seems like being in Asgard could give her the opportunity to continue to work in her field, assuming she could still communicate with Earth on a regular basis. Depending on Asgard's physical location, she might be able to conduct measurements that no one on Earth has been able to so far. One could get a lot of papers out of that But that's not really the material of adventure movies, either

Originally Posted by itchyscratch View Post
As for Loki - I like him but I don't want the plot to revolve around him seeking revenge etc. I also really really don't want to see Thor sucked in by Loki's manipulations yet again. Thor at least needs to be shown to have a certain amount of savvy when it comes to being alert to Loki's games. CH said a while ago that he wanted Thor to wise up a bit and not just be a whopping chunk of brainless beefcake.
Yeah, one kind of hopes a king is wise to such shenanigans.

That said, "people being sucked in by Loki's manipulations yet again" summarizes not only much of the Thor comics, but much of the Norse myth as well. So it's hard to get away from that and still be honoring what is canon

Originally Posted by itchyscratch View Post
Hope to hear something about Sif's story in the movie.
Yeah, really! Sif and the Warriors Three were all supposed to have expanded roles (Heimdall too!), and yet we hear almost nothing about what will happen with them. What's with that?

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