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Default Re: Let's talk love interests/leading ladies.

My favorites:
Lois Lane (Margot Kidder)
Karen Jensen
Vicki Vale
Mary Jane Watson-though she was a bit helpless, I liked the relationship between Peter and MJ and it developed, especially over the course of the first movie.
Selina Kyle (both Michelle Pfieffer and Anne Hathaway)
Jean Grey-not sure if she is really a love interest but she's on my list.
Roxanne Simpson-Eva Mendes was one of the few things about Ghost Rider that I really liked. I also liked the actress that played the younger Roxanne.
Nyssa Damaskinos
Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone)
Peggy Carter
Betsy Ross (both Jennifer Connelly and Liv Tyler)
Lana Lang

Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth)-completely miscast. Drab and uninteresting.
Jane Foster-(Sorry, but despite me liking Natalie Portman as an actress, I thought the character and actress were wasted, the relationship building was rushed)
Chase Meridian
Abigail Whistler (not sure if she was intended to truly be a love interest for Hannibal King or not, just wanted to hate on the movie)
Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard)
Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes)-I actually thought Maggie G. was okay.

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