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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Exactly. Everyone's against us, therefore, we must get them back by not only being utterly supreme in every way(money, tech, magic, science, social advancement, attitude, martial skill, tactics), but ALSO constantly calling them on the carpet and highlighting how against us they all are and how wrong they are. Typical us against them. Doesn't work. Always leads to some flavor of Doomwar. Even when we win, we lose. [Insert additional cheesy platitudes here]

Here's my theory: If BP's race was handled as more of a feature and less of a social issue, I think he'd have more fans of all races, and thus, be in demand at all times. The BP writer who makes a BP that will still be contiunued when that writer leaves will do that.

BP would still represent everything great about being black, inherent badarseness and style, superior physicality with a brilliant inventive scientific mind and a strong spiritual foundation. But then, you take his problems, remove his ability to solve them instantly/painlessly, and you analogize them to things we all experience, so that anyone with those problems will like him. Perhaps the crown is heavy, weighted with responsibility and guilt and temptation to use power. Or maybe he's misunderstood because he's a shadowy manipulative 'scary' "black" figure. Or he's blamed for something heinous that T'Chaka, Shuri did. Now you have an allegory for racism that everyone can understand and empathize with. *That's* crafty. Having white friends isn't crafty. It just makes sense.

It might have been different in the comic. In the cartoon, he withholds it from the Bildeberg group, which is basically, all the big white countries like the USA and the European Union. It is a room entirely full of white people, and they are all entirely evil, utterly useless and the book maintains that giving them the cure for cancer would cause more problems that it would solve. America is not painted as evil, but the white men that run it are.

But you're right, some of the white superheroes did show up. They were not entirely evil and useless as I claimed, you're right. They served as useful wedding guests, Steve and Tony's almost ruining it aside, and, in Cap's case, back in the day, was he willing to relent from his ignorance and assumptions of superiority after BP roughed him up a bit.
I never said having white friends for T'Challa was 'crafty'. I said that Priest's usage of Ross was crafty in being a way to allay supposed white trepidation about buying a Panther book. I think Priest thought that white readers could more easily self-identify with a white character like Ross than with T'Challa himself, right off the bat at least.

Having an African king who has his own mind and might be skeptical of the West also makes sense from a character standpoint, and that's what Hudlin did. It's not about not having white friends, but perhaps about not making white characters the center of a book about an African king.

Many of the things you described sound cool about a Panther series, but to some extent you've had that depiction of Panther before and the fans were averse. Still reading McGregor so I can't comment on his run yet, but from what I read of Kirby's tenure, it was more about cosmic adventure with some white supporting characters and Priest's Panther was more mysterious and manipulative, and also had a prominent white supporting character with Ross.

Under Hudlin Panther had his most successful run and generated a heat that no other Panther writer had before. It seemed like some fans were so mad at Hudlin that they started lionizing Priest, which would've been great if all these said Priest fans had actually supported Priest's run.

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