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Default Re: The unESCABLE DC Boards Lounge 9.8

Originally Posted by lixdexia View Post
i hate going to this shop. outside of comics it seems to only deal in magic the gathering and D&D style games. many of it's patrons seem subhuman.

I've...noticed that about the old-school gaming community. I recently got into Tabletop Miniatures as a painting hobby but playing a game with the other guys seems a tad bit...Well to put it mildly they seem very hostile towards newcomers.

My Shop is thankfully a solid Comic books and comics-related merch place, and is pretty much THE shop which holds artist signings and such. Biggest bummer for me was they had a tough time bringing in Independent titles and they don't have an extensive back-issues catalogue. I've never had a major issue with them otherwise.

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