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Default Re: Where (When) to Begin Episode 7

I think a good start to the movies would be to show the Solo kids growing up, to show an aging cast from rotj (i.e like Ben in the originals as mentors) and to show the Imperials in a decline but not completely an irrelevant force, and to show the jedi order being restored, though not nearly as strong as to that of the clone wars (or at least not at first)

I also like the idea of a "new" threat being established as the new sith or a dark jedi makes its way to prominence through the trilogy

I have no qualms with taking a new direction to that of the EU, as i feel a movie has to not only appease fans but that of people who only pay a passing interest to this great universe, if that means a dark Luke then so be it but i'd like to see how such a great universe deals with rebuilding itself, with a mirage of obstacles along the way.

Perhaps the imperials regain force, through that of one of the solo kids, or perhaps a deception from elsewhere in the new order or a new threat

Maybe a good place to start is how the displacement of good and evil would give rise to smugglers and bounty hunters* and how right and wrong has become lost in such a galaxy, paving a way for a "balance" (sorry for pun) is needed once more

*could also explore jenga in this, or another bounty hunter, or mandalorians

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