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Default Re: Days of Future Past VFX Thread

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
This may be the first 3-d X-Men film.

It still pises me off that Fox announces an release date for an X-men film to give them time so It won't be rush job and warner brothers after expanding hobbit from 2 films to 3
Instead of typical December release schedules It for same weekend Fox already gave to X-Men.

If Fox moves release It should be one or 2 weeks.Moving to june would be bad.

And before people go thinking Guardians of the galaxy Is a big threat to X-men remember the Incredible Hulk,Thor,and cap didn't make Iron Man numbers.And GOTG Is even more less known to GA than X-Men was back In 2000.
Right now, Guardians of the Galaxy won't be a threat to DOFP. Maybe if they will cast some big actors, then it would be very successful but right now there's nothing to worry about regarding the competition against Guardians of the Galaxy. I think FOX should move DOFP to July 4, 2014, Independence Day.

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