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Default Re: Days of Future Past VFX Thread

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I think so. It's no use studios resisting the trends; they have to stay current.

I mean, look at The Hobbit - it is being screened in two different frame rates as well as IMAX and 3D. And it's a guaranteed hit without all those other formats.

People will more easily fork out the cash for a big evening out at their nearest cinema if there is some kind of 'event' movie on, something special. For those that just want the standard 'no-frills' movie, that is still available too.

If a movie is a big spectacle, then moviegoers are more likely to see it at a giant screen showing digital films (or IMAX, provided it was done in IMAX). I know people who saw Skyfall once at their nearest cinema and then went back to see it at an IMAX cinema, and also people who saw Avengers on a normal screen and then went to see it on a massive screen just to get the maximum spectacle.

Fox can no longer hold back on these blockbuster films.
They just can't! If their movie Life of Pi was released in 3D, why not Days of Future Past too! There should be an IMAX release too!

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