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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

I slide up against the back door of Beck's magic shop and slam my foot against the door, allowing me access. I'm sure he's got a silent alarm set up in the shop, so I don't have much time. I need to get in here, get the evidence I need, and get out.

But I have to stifle a laugh as I head in. The place is so stereotypical and kitschy magic shop. I see top hats, wands that turn into bouquets, and simple card tricks and ring tricks.

Rolling my eyes I begin searching for a hidden panel. This creep wouldn't keep this kind of stuff at home. The shipments would be suspicious at home, but here the ingredients delivery could be mixed in with the deliveries for the store.

Heading behind the counter of the store, I flip up a rug where the magician would stand to ring a customer out, and find a locked trap door underneath.

Slamming the heel of my boot into the lock, it breaks free, and I flip open the hatch, revealing a spiral staircase underneath. Descending, I find what seems to be a makeshift lab and workshop. I can see tanks of the gas he used in the police station, as well as some out there mechanical creations.

The space is cavernous, and seems to be an old speakeasy from prohibition times. I can see where the stills were and a dusty bar with some stools next to it in the corner. Must be kept there for sentimental reasons.

"Oh boy, this one's a nut," I say, flipping on the lights and revealing the multiple animatronic creations.

Beck was an aspiring magician, escape artist, and special effects guy from Gotham. He worked on a few smaller films in Hollywood. That is until one of his creations ended up catching fire and burning down half a studio. He was disgraced and couldn't get another job, and came back here to take over his father's old store. At some point, he hit money troubles. I have to assume that's when Falcone brought him into the fold.

His police examinations and profiles didn't show any hints of mental illness, but this guy is definitely over the edge.

I take a few pictures of the tanks of the substance as evidence to pass onto Gordon before heading back towards the stairs. But as I do, I notice one of the mechanical effects in the room start to move. A skeleton stands and begins approaching me.

The thing is incredibly lifelike. Almost too lifelike. It gets closer and raises a sword above its head. I don't take a chance , smashing it to pieces with a well placed strike.

But its not alone. The other machines activate and begin moving.

Not having time to deal with this, I rush upstairs, and as I reach the main store, an ethereal voice floats through the area, "Well, well. They told me you might be coming. But here you are."

A flash of blue in the corner of my eye draws my attention. I spin, but the same blur seems to move around to the other side almost instantaneously. And it moves again as I try to lock down its location.

"The gas works wonders, doesn't it?" the voice says. "Really amplifies the things you see. Works perfectly with my little toys."

"Not man enough to fight one on one, Beck?" I say. "You do this to all the people you kill for the mob?"

"Oh, I usually don't kill...unless the situation calls for it," is the response. Which is when the blue flame speeds towards me, and a hard punch strikes me in the face. "Besides...I'm not here to fight you. I'm just going to keep you here until Falcone shows up. And then he'll kill you."

"In the mean time...let's have some fun with the Marvelous Mysterio!"

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