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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Originally Posted by Byrd Man View Post
"This is Cerebro, my pride and joy. The headgear amplifies my psychic abilities and it sends a pulse out through communications channels. That's connected to satellites that circle the globe. Using this, I can find any mutant on the planet. It's how I found you, and it's how I'll find my students. You asked about the plan? It's simple, I use Cerebro to find them, then I find more mutants to assist us in freeing them. While I am hesitant to include others into our fight, it's the only option I can see."

Charles stepped forward and sat down in the chair, looking up at Logan.

"You've been in your share of fights, Logan. Do you see another angle to approach this with that I am unable to see?"
"Charles, everything I've seen in the past few weeks tells me there's no other course of action," I say. "At Alcatraz they were dissecting mutants. Dozens of them, possibly. And they had Kurt hooked up to some sort of serum that rendered him powerless and almost comatose. I don't know where they got it from, but it's obviously a weapon, Chuck. They want to start a war and they're putting weapons together to win it."

"If we don't fight back, we're going to lose before we even know what happened."

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