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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Originally Posted by Carnage27 View Post
"Charles, everything I've seen in the past few weeks tells me there's no other course of action," I say. "At Alcatraz they were dissecting mutants. Dozens of them, possibly. And they had Kurt hooked up to some sort of serum that rendered him powerless and almost comatose. I don't know where they got it from, but it's obviously a weapon, Chuck. They want to start a war and they're putting weapons together to win it."

"If we don't fight back, we're going to lose before we even know what happened."
"You're right," he said, reaching up to grab Cerebro's headset. "God help us all, you're right."

His thoughts momentarily turned towards Erik. Logan's rationale wasn't far off from the bile Erik had spewed those months back in San Diego. But, Charles decided in that instant, it was the fear of becoming like Erik that kept him from truly becoming like him.

He slid the headset onto his head and turned away from Logan. Charles reached out to the keyboard in front of the monitors and activated Cerebro. Maps lit up on the screens in front of him, each monitor showing one of the six habitable continents of the Earth. On each continent, there were countless dots of light covering the landmasses.

"Each one of those dots is a mutant," he told Logan. "Mutants have been around for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, but no one has been able to know many there are... except now. This was what I kept secret from the government and everyone else. If they knew the truth, the hatred and violence we face would multiply overnight. There are millions of them out there all over the world. Mutants are more than just broken chromosomes or twisted genes. We're not an anomaly, we're evolution."

Charles mentally scanned the planet while Logan took it all in.

"There...," he said, his hand going out to the monitor showing Australia and Oceania. "Enhance."

The map zoomed in to a tiny part of the ocean just west of the International Date Line. There were several mutant signatures seemingly floating in the Pacific Ocean.

"I can't reach any of the minds there, but I can feel the mental imprints of my students...," Charles said with a scowl. "There's some sort of psychic shielding. I can't get in. It could be a ship or a submarine..."

"It's an island," Logan said. "Krakoa Island. The US and the ANZACs used it as a staging ground back in WWII to fly bombers into Japanese territory. Must have been wiped off the map. No telling why."

"Interesting that you'd know that. Regardless, we know where they are. Now..."

Charles focused and reached his mind out through Cerebro to the minds of all the mutants across the world...

He felt the worries and fears of the young woman in Africa. He saw through her eyes as she crouched in the busy Moroccan market. Charles felt her channel the forces of the planet through her body. She unleashed a powerful gust of wind on the market crowd. The wind kicked sand up into the air and distracted the people as the girl leaped up and made a dash for a market display. She filled her arms with fruit and vegetables and ran off through the dust storm. She kept running until she was clear of the market. Taking a right, she ducked into a corner and took a bite of a pear. It was the first bite of food she had in three days.

In Ohio, Charles watched the teenaged boy being confronted in the school hallway by a bigger student. The older boy pushed him against a locker and reared his fist back. The teenager's heart beat furiously as his abilities kicked in. He ducked the punch with the speed of a jackrabbit before he rushed forward and tackled the bully with the strength of a bear. He landed on top of the boy and roared like a mountain lion, sending the crowd that had gathered around them into a panicked frenzy.

Charles' mind was in the Ukraine. He watched two brothers fight about their future. He felt the pain and anger of the young brother, his fear that the older brother's intentions would kill them all. Charles saw the young man's skin turn from flesh to steel. He watched as they yelled and threatened each other with their mutant powers.

And just like that, he was in Brazil. The young lady in question was excited. She was on the beaches outside Sao Paulo sitting in the sand with Marco, a young man she was quite taken with. Her heart began to hammer as she and Marco leaned towards each other for a kiss. Her eyes were closed, but the shouts opened them back up. Marco was recoiling from her in horror and she didn't know why until she smelt the burning. Her bathing suit was on fire, green flames licked at her arms and torso. But she didn't feel pain. She tried to call out to Marco, try to explain what was going on, but he was already halfway across the beach, screaming and yelling for help.

"I have them," Charles said, removing the headset. The map blinked in four locations over the world. The continents were wiped away from the monitors, replaced by the data, coordinates, and names of four individuals.

Ororo Munroe - Marrakesh, Morocco
Bernhard Baker - Deer Park, Ohio
Beatriz de Costa - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Piotr Rasputin - Odessa, Ukraine

"I have our team..."

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