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Default Re: X-Men First Class Official Manip Thread

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
love it!

love to see Emma and Beast along with Wolverine and Cyclops specially, since I feel its like a nod to Astonishing x-men and a few other comics.

I just dont like most of the promo pics of Emma from FC, both for her hair and January's face. Its like she wasnt interested in the photo session that day. anyway. hopefully Singer changes her hair a little bit and feels more like current Emma. (and the promo pics are better too, lol)

Cool manip M-2. Since I saw you posted on the competition topic, I think it would be nice if you use full body pics of two of them and make it seem like a still from the sequel instead of a promo poster. It would be a great contender for the comp.
Lol truthfully I actually only realized this is almost astonishing X-Men when i was done! I actually wanted to get Banshee or Havok next to Beast instead of Emma because I kinda wanted to represent FC!! Cyclops and Jean dead that's why I kinda faded them out at the back... The sentinel was a last minute addition, was a little upset that I didn't think if it before.

When I couldn't find a real good image for Banshee or Havok, I went for Emma, I felt it would be cool if they actually managed to somehow get her n cyclops together for a brief moment in the film, just a lil nod to fans!

And I definitely want to do something with Frost and Cyclops, so ill give it a shot! And the competition is only one entry, I only read the rules afterwards (stupid I know)! only got photoshop a few weeks back, and I really don't even have time to play around with it. So normally if I get some free time, I just try and make a manip or something and hope for the best!

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