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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

I loved the film - but as time went on I had a few complaints. Of what I'd'd be;

-The 8 year absence. I feel it betrays the ending of the last film, felt it was not needed and I would love to have Batman be a 10 year force by this film. I'd make it so Bruce got lost in his monster after Rachel's death, becoming obsessed with being Batman.
-Make Bane's plan a bit better - plenty here have explained how they'd do that so I won't bother to reiterate.
-Show the citizen's perspective on things. Give it a more human side.
-Give Batman/Bane a better final fight and give Bane a proper death.
-Make Selina's role more needed. Develop her relationship with Batman more.

I think the film had too much story to tell for one film only. Anyone else feel this way?

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