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Default Re: Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Return for Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by Loganbabe View Post
I think James looks a lot like the young McKellen photos I've seen, and he looks nothing like young Patrick Stewart, so I don't disagree completely. But I think that James' personality and ideals are much closer to Professor X, so it was a wise choice.
So what you're trying to say is that James McAvoy shameless flirt and partyboy who settles down to be a teacher, is a little arrogant in his methods, but wants to help the world understand that mutants and humans can coexist? Meanwhile Michael Fassbender is a serious, tragedy-ravaged man who picks the wrong team and isn't above killing people to get the job done and to ensure mutants are safe from humans?

Just because you've seen every interview a hundred times or bumped into them on the street does not mean you truly know an actor; they show us the sides they want us to see. Similarly, just because you hate one of them does not magically cause his ideals to be more in line with the "villain", or less in line with the "hero". And either way, who actors are when the cameras aren't rolling should have absolutely no bearing on their roles. And will never be something that dictates their fame.

Year 2016.

not so far from actual release date, so the actors dont have to look older than their current look
I don't think that's far enough. We need to be able to suspend disbelief and 2 years doesn't quite do it. But the benefit of only having used dates in the past (1962, 1944) is that they never need to specify when the future is. They can continue their habit of displaying "not too distant future" and the audience can make up their own minds about when it takes place. They'll need to be vague if they're bringing characters back from the dead. I do hope we don't see any of them back from the dead beyond Professor X though. If characters who die keep getting revived, there won't really be any severity to seeing them get killed by sentinels. "Oh it doesn't matter, they'll just pop up in the next movie safe and sound".

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