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Default Re: State your unpopular film related opinion - Part 10

Originally Posted by Raoul Duke View Post
i liked dark knight rises quite a lot. it was bales best performance under the cowl and hathaway was brilliant. the court which scarecrow presided over was genius too. although i thought the editing and pacing were horrendous, which didn't help the story flow. bane was a great villain, right up to the reveal at the end. and the way he was defeated seemed like a mere afterthought.
I agree with liking TDKR a lot, and the problems with the pacing and editing. Even though the other Nolan-Batman film had similar editing and pacing, I felt that none the less TDKR had far more scenes that just needed to breathe more because it was focusing more on the drama than the action. Though, I should add, even where drama is concerned, some of the edits are a bit jarring. Like when the LoA is about to execute Blake, and Batman shows up to save him even though it seemed like that scene was going on at the same time as Batman's scene elsewhere where he's saving Gordon. Based on the way it cuts back and forth between the two ext. you'd think Batman was in two places at once or could teleport.

On another note, this isn't an unpopular opinion, but a question. Anyway, is there any irony to the movie Tangled being marketed as a domestic spat between "step-daughter"(kidnapped girl) and "step-mother", but ended up being more action-adventurous, while Brave was marketed as an action-adventure but ended up being more of a domestic spat? Is the Disney marketing staff trolling us?

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