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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion)

Originally Posted by Mrs Vimes View Post
It makes no sense to me to spend more time (or even equal time) in the future when the whole plot of the movie is to change that future through the actions in the past. The past is where the whole crux of the plot actually is and where actions matter the most - not the future which is just basically waiting to be overwritten and the actions there ultimately have no bearing on the outcome.

I know that DoFP is a popular story and all, but when I've read the summary of the comic my impression was that, after the time travel happens, the future scenes are largely pointless and are basically there to serve up some cool fights with the Sentinels. If the movie is giving future!mutants a whole separate storyline it has to be for better reasons than nostalgia and action scenes. What would be the point of showing them fight for survival when their survival and in fact the fate of their entire timeline does not actually depend on their actions?
The amount of time spent in the future depends on when the time travel takes place. Once the time travel happens, there isn't much more to see in the future apart from more fighting against Sentinels. We could see more deaths, to make the time travel seem even more necessary and urgent.

If the movie built up towards the time travel happening half an hour into the film, then you could cut back and forth as the futuremutants fought Sentinels, devised the time travel plan and tried to get to the time machine. During that time, we would also cut to scenes of the 1960s - perhaps with Magneto devising his scheme for the assassination that, unknown to him, brings about the terrible future (if that is the plotline they are using).

And another issue which I've mentioned in another thread is how to end that part of the story. Does the timeline stop existing or does that future remain unchanged because of an alternative timeline? Either way is not entirely satisfying as a wrap-up for future!mutants IMO.
It's a tricky one. Maybe the filmmakers will consult a physicist who is an expert on time travel theories!

I think the future (whether alternate or beyond X1-X3) would have to be overwritten to show the changes, though I'm not sure at what point in time you cut back to the newly changed future to show the effects (after X2, after X3?). If they want to have Cyclops and Jean alive again, it has to be between X1 and X2. If they want to have Nightcrawler involved, it has to be after X2 but before X3. Cut to a re-enactment of Xavier looking out the window at the end of X2 and have him say 'I just had the oddest feeling, like a memory I never had'. Then Jean rises again from the lake in the next film, but this time without going Dark Phoenix and instead getting help from Xavier and Scott and being part of the team as Phoenix.

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