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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Originally Posted by spidey44 View Post
I would rather use a polymer dissolved in a solvent because I won't need battery power to melt the polymer. I think hot melt adhesive would make it easier to create a stronger web. I will try to make a hot melt webshooter after this one.
That's true. Although I'm unclear on how does dissolving it in a solvent make it rapidly un-dissolve (I'm not sure what the correct term is) when it comes out. Please explain?

Originally Posted by Wadaltmon View Post
As I've recently learned, we are probably going to have to make a pretty polar polymer to get it to dissolve in acetone. This means there are a few elements in the running for the polar atom:

Oxygen is definitely the best choice. We can mix it with the carbon and/or nitrogen to get ourselves a good polymer, probably mix it with C2H4 (urethane, right?).

But, this is discussion for the formula thread.
That makes sense, but three things:

1. How does one get such chemicals?
2. Does this including the "sticking" portion of the webs?
3. I believe that's Ethylene, but I'm not sure.

We probably should go to the formula topic. I found a link so we can talk about this there.

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