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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
OR this is a bit twisty, but hear me out. What if Thor's moral sacrifice is abandoning midgard, not asgard? We KNOW he loves earth. What if, while he is on earth, he makes a vow not to leave, and to protect earth. However, Odin dies, and Thor KNOWS he needs to return to Asgard where he is needed. Leaving behind a world he swore to protect? That could be one way to impliment moral sacrifice.

If Thor becomes king in this movie, it seems more cinematic for it to happen at the end. Who knows, maybe the surtur arc will be completed in this movie

Not gunna lie. I prefer the norse god Thor. Meaning thor dealing with asgardian things

God, I sure hope Thor doesn't choose Asgard over Midgard. That would throw a huge monkey wrench into the Avengers. Thor is an integral part of the Big Three (in the MCU, it seems to be more of a Big Four) in the Avengers, and I can guarantee that *nobody* out there, fanboy or casual, wants to see Thor leave the Avengers.

And just having Thor "drop in" from Asgard from time to time to help the Avengers with the really heavy lifting makes Thor look like a douche, who just slums with us puny mortals whenever we're too weak to handle things on our own.

The central theme of Thor comics has always been that he is more in touch with Midgard than Asgard, that he feels more of a connection with mortals than immortals. He is one of EARTH'S Mightiest Heroes, and he needs to stay here.


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