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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

@ American Maid and Jaqua99, I don't think the moral sacrifice could be Thor abandoning Earth to save Asgard, because then Earth would certainly be destroyed without anyone to protect it. I mean sure someone could say that one of the other Avengers will protect the earth, but they need to show the evil forces being stopped on Earth and since this is a Thor movie it would not make sense if another character had so much of the limelight in the movie (as to save the earth), not to mention I don't believe there is suppose to be any cameo's from any of the Avengers in this movie. Therefore, if both Earth and Asgard are attacked (as it appears will happen) then we depend on Thor to save us, as he is the only Asgardian that might actually consider saving Earth before Asgard. So, basically it's a matter of, if he doesn't save Earth no one will and all will be lost. So, we know that can't happen, which means that Thor must save Earth and not Asgard (once again provided they are both Attacked and in danger of being destroyed).


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