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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by MagnarTheGreat View Post
The only two people that don't seem to like Batman are Foley and the mayor. Blake likes him. Even the big boned cop with the young partner seemed to be delighted that he showed up, and criticized his partner for shooting at Batman. Young kids can't wait for Batman to come back. Selina was excited he came back, though maybe the "no guns. no killing" thing surprised her if she bought it. Her reaction should be, "from the guy that killed Dent?" This guy is supposed to be a cop killing crazed murderer but not too many people seem to buy it. It was one of the things I was anticipating but it was odd it's downplayed.
Exactly. Excellent post.

For all the times Nolan talked about the 8-year-gap being necessary to show that Dent's death had an impact on Gotham, TDKR has so many inconsistencies with TDK's ending. Most of those inconsistencies have to do with Batman. He's supposed to be a crazed criminal now... but we never get to see cops hunting/hating him, citizens fearing him, and criminals thinking "wow, Batman really is knocking off criminals!"...

That's why I just feel like there should of been a third movie in-between TDK and TDKR... or TDKR, the final film, should have been a 2-part film... like Potter and Twilight did on their final films.

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