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Default The INTERVIEWS Thread (Cast and crew)

thought we need this topic too, to have all the interviews (videos and articles) on the same thread, for those interested and to avoid multiple pages on the other topics.


Oct. 14: Shawn Ashmore about whether Bobby Drake could be bac

Oct. 28: Daniel Cudmore On X-Men And The Halo Web Series

Dec. 4 - Patrick Stewart on 'Star Trek: TNG,' returning to 'X-Men

Dec. 4 - Hugh Jackman Is 'In Discussions' About 'X-Men' Sequel

Dec. 6 - Ian McKellen discuss X-men: Days of future past, and possible 3D and 48fps

- Dec. 11 - Alan cumming wants to come back as Nightcrawler

Dec. 27: James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart talk returning to “X-Men” in “Days of Future Past”

Jan. 5: Nicholas Hoult Talks 'Mad Max: Fury Road' and 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'

Jan. 7: Famke Janssen Won't Confess To 'Wolverine' Cameo, Hopes For More 'X-Men' Movies

Jan. 9:Nicholas Hoult Excited For More 'X-Men,' Not As Much For More Beast

Jan. 11: Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar Nomination Day Was 'Full Of Surprises'

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