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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

I really think it all depends on the story that you would want to tell... If they use the original cast to "lead" the story, all it really means is that the story will emphasize how bad things have gotten, and give us those real big action scenes, maybe even something like Magneto taking on Sentinels and ultimately giving his life to protect what remains of the X-Men.... Meanwhile his younger self is falling deeper and deeper into villiany...

The film will find its heart in the juxtaposition, where in the past Magneto is the true evil behind what would eventually lead to his own heroic death in the future.

Even if Fassbender gets half the screen time McKellen gets, Fassbender will still have FC2 to delve into how Magneto might be feeling after DOFP, and if those events have changed him to be the better man, or if it actually made him even more bloodthirsty then before...
It's not guaranteed that McKellen would be able to do a X4....

Each option does have its advantages and disadvantages, and DOFP is the type of story that can be told very differently depending on who the focus is on, so it will be interesting to see who Singer goes with...

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