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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread

Originally Posted by Simo View Post
There will be and the Horsemen have sculpted a bunch of them, more so than The Dark Knight Rises MM but how many end up in the line remains to be seen.

Also don't forget that Square Enix have a MOS figure coming in their Play Arts line too for those who don't want to fork over $200 for the Hot Toys figure.
AWESOME!!! Here's hoping that line will have....

Superman (duh)
Zod (again duh)
Lara (does she still have the Lor-Van for the movie? Or is she Lara-El now?)
Perry White
Ma & Pa Kent (would be different)
Lois Lane (please, I've got one Lois figure and it sucks, need a new one)
Faora (probably)

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