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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Batman jr. View Post
He does the exact same thing than what he dislikes in others.
Show us the proof before ya try and stir the pot.

Originally Posted by The Eradicator View Post
Great post.

The most logical direction that should have been followed from TDK was not followed.

Even Gordon says "we'll hunt him...because he can take it" at the end, which in no way indicated that Batman would hang the cape and cowl for 8 years.

And the problem is, you never really feel that 8 years passed in the film - the idea just isn't executed well. TDKR's biggest weakness, really, is the demarcation between what we got, and what could have been. It's a problem with many sequels, especially with third installments.
Yup nail on the head.

Rises never felt like a natural sequel.

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