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Default A very positive review from a guy who hated the first 2 films

I'm actually very surprised to be writing a review for a Nolan Batman film, especially a very positive one. I'm one of maybe 5 people who thought Nolan got Batman completely wrong, the same way people feel Schumacher did. I've hated the first 2 of his trilogy, especially TDK, but for Rises, I feel that Nolan finally, ironically, considering people didn't really like rises, got Batman right.
This is the only film where I bought Bale as both Bruce Wayne and Batman, which has been my biggest complaint for this series. In this film, I see Batman, not Bale/Wayne dressing up as him. For comparison, Michael Keaton has been and continues to be my favorite, and, in my eyes, the most loyal iteration of Batman compared to the comics. But here, Bale comes close. For the first time I buy his torment and his damaged psyche. And he just LOOKS like Batman here, like he's not pretending to be anymore; he finally sold me in this film.
I also, again ironically, considerig this films criticisms, feel that Nolan finally got the story and dialog right here. This is the first film where the story made sense and flowed, and the characters spoke like real people. Bane's plan made total sense to me, and at no time was I lost in the plot, something I can't say for the first 2. This just feels like a Batman film. So, in sumation, with this, and only this film, Nolan's made a believer in me. 4 stars for The Dark Knight Rises.

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