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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion)

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
I think it depends on the direction Bryan goes with the movie but in the comics the time travel move is a final desperate attempt at saving the future but they future X-Men do actively try to fight not just to defend themselves but to try and stop the sentinels. they go to the Baxter Building which IIRC was the base of operations for the sentinels. They go there in an attempt to destroy the sentinels so they really and truly are depending on themselves rather than on Kitty and her mission in the past.

Remember the whole point of the story is thatthey don't know if the time travel would change anything in the first place. And if Bryan's smart he should leave audience's guessing throughout the movie on whether the future would succeed in getting changed.
Well, the point of view of the future!mutants, who cannot see what is actually happening in the past, is certainly that they're depending on themselves. But looking at the bigger picture like the audience would, everything really depends on the actions in the past.

I found that whole Baxter Building mission pointless, not only because (if I remember right) it actually doesn't get anything done and Sentinels still keep going, but because it makes no sense for that mission to succeed from the storytelling point of view in the first place. If Sentinels get destroyed in the future, then what is the purpose of the whole time travel exercise? If time travel succeeds and that whole timeline is changed, what would be the point of destroying Sentinels? I get that the mission is important to the future!mutants, but I'm talking about the overall story and how these separate attempts to save the future mesh together.

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