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Default Re: Uncanny Plot Similarities between The Dark Knight Rises & Batman Begins (SPOILERS

Originally Posted by CapedCrusader14 View Post
It is a bit of laziness, akin to the Death Star II in Return of the Jedi.

But the execution felt different to me than how it was in Begins so it didn't bother me.
It reminds me more of how the rejected script for Michael Bay's upcoming TMNT movie was basically Transformers with turtles instead of robots.

The difference is these two movies are IN THE SAME SERIES!

TDKR was good, but a HUGE disappointment, simply because of Nolan and Goyer's laziness (it's more Goyer's fault that Nolan's, as he did the story for all three films). It was EMBARRASSINGLY lazy when you really think about it.

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