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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

After watching the trilogy all on Blu-ray last night and during today, here is my update....

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Batman Begins:

- Develop Jonathan Crane a bit more such as exploring his own fear with bats since FEAR was such a major theme for BB.(I rather enjoy the sleazy and smarmy Dr. Crane throughout Nolan's trilogy, so I can look past the idea of his fear of bats not being explored)

- Give us an actual fight sequence between Zsaz and Batman.(Kinda still feel this way, although I understand Zsaz was only meant to be some kind of easter egg for Batman fans so a fight that's not even against a minor villain wouldn't make much sense with the bigger picture of things)

The Dark Knight:

- Make Rachel Dawes pregnant which would add even more of an impact when Harvey Dent told Gordon to meet him where his family died. Knowing that Dent was indeed having a family would make his turn into Two-Face all the more emotional.

- Give detail on who exactly are the five people that Two-Face killed.(Rather ambiguous, it may be best to have just kept this open for the audience to think of who the five people are)

- Keep the bat sonar up and running.(The sonar being shut down made sense thematically with TDK's ending, although this would've been a great weapon to use against Bane and his men in TDKR)

The Dark Knight Rises:

- Bring back Coleman Reese as an ally for Bruce Wayne.

- Keep the theme of using the news as a circuit to give the audience the views of Gotham City, such as when Batman returned and when Batman vanished again. Or at least something close to how The Dark Knight Returns portrays the news, so something maybe a little different than how TDK did it.(Even used in minimal, I felt Gotham City still had a voice in TDKR, but if it didn't have to rely on the running time, I feel the voice could've been expressed more without the news being used)

- Change John Daggett's name to Roland Daggett.(Ehh, I'm kinda over of this change, really. A name is just a name)

- Take away all signs that would point to Miranda Tate being a love interest and take away her sex scene with Bruce Wayne. Keep them as working professionals who maybe become friends. There are other ways for Talia to get into Bruce's heart than to get in his pants.(After watching TDKR more in my own home, I realize that sleeping with Bruce when he's now by himself in the mansion could've been a way to weaken Bruce and trying to get him to go with her in her plane rather than Bane fighting him. Talia may have had an idea of getting Bruce to the Pit in other ways, which is why she probably even mentioned going somewhere in her plane that night. Them sleeping together makes sense now)

- Give the Mayor more scenes, such as antagonizing Gordon on capturing Batman after his return and also hint on him wanting to fire Gordon in the spring before his death.

- Give one mention to Joker, such as him escaping Arkham Asylum or having escaped Arkham Asylum during the last eight years. Perhaps Bruce giving Blake some insight on Joker's whereabouts after he takes up the mantle to become the new Batman.(Scratch this. I'm firmly in the corner of respecting Nolan's wishes of not mentioning Joker at all after Ledger's death)

- Have a scene of Bruce talking to his parents' grave before he finally returns as Batman.

- Kill off Jen at the end to lose all ties with Selina in staying in Gotham City.

- Have Gordon actually retire from the GCPD at the end.(Someone being a hero, someone having faith still...that can work with Gordon still being as Commissioner, and the ending of him finding the fixed Bat signal wouldn't have been in the film if he indeed retired)

- Get rid of the entire character of Deputy Commissioner Foley.(Even in a short amount of time in TDKR, the character of Foley has grown on me)

General over all three films:

- Keep Batman's fighting style that he had in Batman Begins.

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