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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Well to me little touches like that do make the movies feel connected. You bring back some of the furniture from previous movies and it makes it all feel like it's in the same world.

I liked seeing Fredericks, Mayor Garcia, the Bat-Bunker etc back again. Brief as they were, it was good. Heck I even loved seeing Senator Patrick Leahy there for another cameo. He could still be playing the same character, too, because for all we know he was the same W.E. guy at the party Bruce threw for Dent.
I took it the same way. Bruce threw Dent a fundraiser with a bunch of his "pals", so it would make sense that Leahy was a board member, heh.

To me, it was more than just plot furniture that connected this movie to Begins though. You have stuff like the pit being one huge visual metaphor for the well Bruce fell down as a boy.

Though things like Wayne Manor and the mentioning of his parents weren't superficial to me at all. They have huge resonance in the story. Their absence felt deliberate in TDK too, because Bruce was so focused on his mission and it gave everything a sense of urgency. The return of these things felt just as deliberate in TDKR, to get back to the romanticism of BB. Little details like seeing the burnt photos of the Waynes go a long way in terms of adding dimension and uniting the three films. TDK didn't touch on the legacy of the Wayne family at all, but TDKR paid that off at the end with Bruce turning Wayne Manor into an orphanage.

TDKR definitely picked up a lot of threads from Begins that weren't superficial.

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