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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by GregComicFan View Post
My only gripe about Nolan's Batman trilogy was that it... was a should have been four films (quadrilogy???)...

I have watched Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises back-to-back (one film each night) on two separate occassions now, and both times I had the same opinion:

At the end of The Dark Knight, Batman rises off as a bada** ... citizens think he's a villain, the cops are after him, but Gordon knows the truth and is going to cover his tracks... THIS SETS UP A GREAT SETTING FOR A THIRD MOVIE... which we never get...

-We never see GCPD actively hunting down/investigating Batman/Bruce.
-We never get to see Commissioner Gordon leading the task force to take down Batman; meanwhile, Gordon is assisting Batman to NOT be caught.
-We never see citizen's reactions to "Batman as a villain" and what criminals thought of it
-I don't buy that no other members of the Rogue's gallery pop up.

The 8-year-gap doesn't ring true for me. I understand that Nolan wanted to show Batman retired due to 1) Rachel's death 2) Dent's death fixed crime, etc. etc. etc. But TDKR feels disjointed from TDK. The ending of TDK doesn't match up with where we find things start in TDKR.

It feels like there's a third film in-between TDK and TDKR that we never saw. That third film would show Gordon covering for Batman as Batman is hunted by GCPD; that third film would give an origin to Selina/Catwoman (I think she needed to be developed more); that third film would include another Rogue's gallery member (I think the Riddler as an FBI agent tracking Batman would make complete sense); that third film would show Batman becoming more and more obsessed with being Batman and NOT Bruce Wayne due to his depression and Rachel's death...

It all leads to the third film's villains (Riddler) defeat due to Batman's intellect, Batman retires, Miranda is introduced due to the clean energy project, GCPD fails to capture Batman due to Gordon's interference, Harvey Dent Act is passed, Selina becomes Catwoman, and then...

Bam! The Dark Knight Rises begins...

In hindsight, I just don't buy that NOTHING happened in Gotham in-between TDK and TDKR.
Now this I actually agree with. TDKR was a great ending for Nolan's vision. However, I do think it feel a bit arbitrary as their is a lot of skipped story potential between TDK and TDKR. There could have been 1-2 more films just set up about how we get from the end of TDK to the beginning of TDKR. It seems more that Nolan wanted to end with three, understandably so, and kind of jumped ahead to the finale.

Oh well.

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