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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 5

Release Date Set for Fantastic Four Reboot - March 6, 2015

Mark Millar: "Guys with death rays robbing banks - it's a world I'm really comfortable with"
Originally Posted by Steven MacKenzie
You’re also a creative consultant for 20th Century Fox. What's the job description for that?

I guess it's a kind of godfather position really. I'm overseeing all their superhero movies, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Wolverine and the movies that are related to them. It's quite a thing. Doing one movie is a big responsibility, but if you're suddenly doing six of them you're talking over a billion dollars of investment.

Reboot seems to be the word of the moment. Are there cultural reasons behind that or is it just an excuse to tell a good story over again?

I think it's actually something they try and avoid to tell you the truth. They're talking of doing a Fantastic Four reboot here at Fox with the guy who did Chronicle. That’s one I could get behind because I feel those first two Fantastic Four movies just weren’t that good.

Where did they go wrong? All the ingredients were there.

You're right in the sense that the movies actually made money – they made $400 million – but I think the fans would like to see it done a little bit differently. There were some unusual choices made in that film. It's still not clear entirely what the plan is, but I do think that Fantastic Four wasn’t as good as Spider-Man or The Dark Knight so if it’s rebooted, it will be for good reasons.

Inevitably when they reboot Batman again they’ll make it more like the 1960s TV show.

He's still my favourite Batman. Adam West to me is Batman. Christian Bale's a beefy impersonator. All these reboots seemed to happen about 10 years ago, you had Bond rebooted you had Batman rebooted. The ‘90s was all about retro, it was all about looking back on the previous 100 years and doing amalgamations of stuff. Oasis were the ultimate music example of that and Tarantino was the cinematic version. There was a fresh start feeling at the start of the decade and we're just continuing that now.

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