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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by ctsketch View Post
except in the comics he made War Machine and Pepper armor.....
Tony made the War Machine armor after he was dead. Or presumed dead. It was a contingency plan to keep Iron Man operating in the event of Tony's death; not some frivolous decision to give his buddy a nifty suit of armor. And the Rescue Armor came about as a result of Pepper's near death, when Tony stuck an arc reactor in her chest to keep her alive. With the arc reactor in place, he built a functioning suit of armor for her to use.

Neither case is even remotely comparable to what happens to the MCU versions of Rhodey and Pepper. MCU Rhodey commandeered a suit without Tony's permission, and it remains to be seen in IM3 how Tony responds to that. And if MCU Pepper winds up getting the same damn arc reactor that Tony uses to keep her alive and an identical suit of armor --- in other words, she becomes "Iron Woman" --- audiences (both fanboy and general audiences alike) are going to bail on this franchise like rats off the Titanic.


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