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Default Re: The SUPERIOR Spider-Man

Originally Posted by Donald Thomas View Post
There's an interveiw with Steve Wacker on CBR in which he states" Peter is gone." Dan has said repeatedly, Superior Spider-Man is NOT Peter.
Spidey rules-RIP Peter Parker
Yep. He also stated that "Peter Parker fans will sort of fade away over the months and years" and it will be "probably similar to what happened with Ben Reilly back in the day. And fans seem to want him back."

Which really makes think this is part of the hype to build up Superior Spider-Man. Because if he's actually being serious here, not only does this seem counter-productive considering that we're getting the sequel to the Amazing Spider-Man in just 2 years in which Spider-Man is Peter Parker, but couldn't one say that such comments only serve to undermine Marvel's own goals that they set out to make with Peter Parker with OMD/BND?

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