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Default Re: A very positive review from a guy who hated the first 2 films

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
By love I mean that while the GA and most fans, myself included, truly liked the movie, there is not this groundswell of support to see it nominated for Best Picture or to see Tom Hardy win an Oscar for it or people generally--somewhat crazily--claiming it is the best movie of all time. To me, TDK was beloved. TDKR is more thoroughly liked.

But the fan community? They're turning on it quicker and quicker now. In a month, it will be as reviled as Spider-Man 3 and X3 (though it is far better than both) and they'll be throwing Nolan in the dustpan in 2013 while salivating for the new shiny reboot toy on the horizon. It's the circle of life.
The fan community is absurd. The whiny fan community and general movie goers loathed Spider-Man 3 and X3. Rises fared much, much better when it came out in July and unlike the aforementioned pieces of garbage it continues to have a good reputation amongst film fans in general. It also seems to poised to make several Top Ten of 2012 lists with Richard Corliss and Peter Travers' lists being the first two ranking it 5 and 10 respectively.

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