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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion)

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I think people's enthusiasm for the original cast is obvious. And there isn't as much enthusiasm for the actors who played Havok, Banshee, Emma, etc.

So DoFP has to do a very good balancing act, because as much as people want all their old favourites back, Singer can't just sweep aside Emma, Banshee and Havok (and possibly Moira), with no explanation.

I want to see Havok, Banshee, Emma (and maybe Moira) again, as well as seeing the old favourites.

It will be interesting to see how Singer/Kinberg/Donner handle this. Obviously, some characters are going to have to be dropped from the First Class series and the Original Trilogy. They can't squeeze them all in. And what about new characters? At some point it would be nice to see Sinister, Apocalypse, Polaris, Psylocke, Sunfire, etc. They need to map out the next few films to decide how and when characters will appear.
Yeah I agree with everything you said. And with the new characters you mentioned, Apocalypse/Psylocke would be perfect for X-Men 4 and Polaris/Sunfire would be perfect for First Class 2.

I think people are more excited about the original cast coming back than the cast of First Class because we haven't seen the original cast *together* in a X-Men movie since 2006. And people always want FOX to do X-Men 4, no one was really asking for a Wolverine spin-off or a spin-off about Professor X and Magneto after X3 and it shows when you look at how those spin-off movies performed at the box-office.

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